Fusion Tables – fun or silly?

I never mix up business and pleasure, it seems odd and unproductive. Sure, everyone deserves a chill out session in between jobs or responsibilities, but that’s why there’s a lunch break.

Most Scary And Creepy Playground Ever

A lot of people think that clowns are creepy, or even the porcelain dolls, like a lot of children too. But the most creepy thing from children has to be this playground. I really don’t understand what kind of children would enjoy it in here.

Incredibly Detailed Animal Drawings

New Jersey-based illustrator Tim Jeffs is one of those people whom you envy for his great precision and patience.

Damn Awesome Photography Of Eyes Of Different Species

Classical Sculptures Dressed as Hipsters

I have just discovered a whole new dimension to classical sculpture. If you dress the sculptures as hipsters it gives them an awesome new look. They become contemporary and totally badass.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 Creative ways to Create Stunning Portraits

Creative people always search for new ways to express their creativity. Some use brushes, some use a camera and some….well…. some just use anything they can find. From food to buttons and guitar picks…nothing is too extreme. In our series of “10 creative ways to…”  we’ve listed 10 creative ways to create stunning portraits.. Enjoy and share the coolness.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Street Art with Light (9 pics)

No conventional street art, but street art created with light and captured on film.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Woman Unite in Honor of Their Hairy Legs (20 pics)

The “Hairy Legs Club” is a Tumblr blog dedicated to photos of women’s hairy legs. Women are encouraged to feel proud about this unconventional take on beauty.